Crafting the SEO Strategy for a Startup Company

Project Background

This project involves SEO audit, technical and on-page SEO for a start-up company in SaaS. 

The goal was to increase brand awareness and organic traffic, and ultimately to bring conversion to demo calls.

Timeframe: 1 year

Scope of Work

1. Technical SEO 

When I took over, the site was not indexed and not ranking. After the initial technical audit, I highlighted several issues and worked closely with developers to build the SEO foundation.

Here are some tasks we tackled in the first 2 months:

  • Created robots.txt and sitemap
  • Changed CMS logic to automatically update sitemap
  • Migrated from client-side rendering to server-side rendering
  • Fixed the crawlability of links by using <a href> tag across the site instead of as an on click event
  • Implemented schema markup

2. Content Strategy

The company had a blog, but they didn’t have a concrete content strategy in mind and certainly didn’t include any keyword research in the content ideation stage.

As the company was still in a very early stage, we conducted thorough keyword research to identify top-performing keywords in our industry and decided to go after the ToFu keywords to increase brand awareness. 

The main goal in mind would be:

  • Build topical authority
  • Target competitor’s keyword to associate the brand with other top players in the niche

3. Content creation and on-page optimization

We hired content writers to produce SEO content with a list of keywords and carefully crafted article structure. 

We also focused on updating and optimising existing website content, including landing pages, product pages and pricing pages.

Some other on-page optimisation work includes:

  • Internal linking
  • Improve the overall structure
  • Meta tag and heading tag optimisation
  • Image Alt text
  • Update webpage design for better user experience


Number of ranking keywords in 2022.
Number of ranking keywords in 2022.

After the initial roll-out of all the fixes and published content, we immediately observed an uplift in QoQ performance. We saw over 993.5% increase in organic clicks and significant increase in organic keywords.

The biggest takeaway of the project is the importance of a holistic approach to SEO that combines technical expertise, content strategy, and continuous optimization. 

Content lies at the heart of our SEO campaign. By incorporating ToFu keywords and strategically positioning the brand alongside industry leaders, we bolstered our competitive positioning and expanded our digital footprint. 

However, in order to achieve that, a thorough SEO audit is necessary to make sure we have a robust technical SEO foundation that lays the groundwork for improved search engine visibility and makes sure your content is indexed and read by your target audience.

Aubrey Yung

Aubrey Yung

Aubrey is an SEO Consultant with 5+ years of B2B and B2C marketing experience.